Hi everyone & welcome to my Wow Blog!

I am a casual WOW EU player and reside in the UK, more specifically, Leeds, England. I grew up in America and then settled here over ten years ago.

I’ve been playing WOW for a little over a year now and up until early December 2010 been playing on US Zangarmarsh server in The Relentless guild. In my time on that server I’ve had one level 80 Retribution Paladin and a couple of alts though those never really went further than level 50.

As I’m in the UK and it’s difficult and expensive to send of for US Pre-pay Time Cards and Expansions etcetera there comes a time when it’s more and more difficult. Since I’d become addicted to WOW and completely in love with the game I decided, while Cataclysm had come out and pre-cata expansions were going cheap to purchase an EU copy.

I began doing a little bit of hunting around to find the right guild. I’m a casual player and I levelled my first toon up so fast I missed a lot of content and my raid availability is really pretty much non-existent. I’m on when I can be on and play for as long as I can but real life has a habit of interrupting my WOW play so I maybe on anywhere from fifteen minutes to four hours.  At any rate, around the beginning of Deccember I stumbled upon The Elders Guild in my internet searches. It’s an 25 and over RP casual guild and I’m absolutely loving it. The people are awesome, there’s no pressure to get to max level, they have a Horde Guild and an Alliance Guild with RP meet-ups and everything.

After my application was successful the wonderful GM that is Brambline and everyone else welcomed me in. Such a great variety of players and everyone gets on great.

I decided that I needed to create a memorable RP Toon and had recently been thumbing back through some of the ancient Celtic Myths & Legends and I’d remembered about the story of a which called Rhiannon and her son Pryderi. (useful article:  ). In real life I’m called Eric so adding a “c” to the end made the perfect name and at least the framework for an RP back story.

From there I decided that Rhiannon was a persecuted witch exiled in the Dustwallow Marsh and that I had died in the swamp running away from the persecutors. As a result of the Cataclysm event and because my body was fairly preserved in the mud of the marshland my body was transported by some of Rhiannon’s original followers to Undercity where my body was dropped in the city cemetery when the persecutors caught up with them. Not wanting my body which was just left there to stay in the Undercity grounds it was moved to Deathnell where there was grave space. Because I wasn’t buried properly I ended up being resurrected shortly after the Cataclysm event.

That’s kinda the brief history of my character Pryderic who’s and Undead Mage.

When was about to ding 35 back in the middle of January 2011 I decided to start forum posting on The Elders forum some of how my character was progressing. I missed a lot out with my first toon as I rushed through and just did quest after quest after quest never dungeon running or battlegrounds or anything like that so there’s quite a lot I’ve not seen before and with my toons pre-cataclysm  never really getting higher than 30 there’s so much I wasn’t seeing. Now that I’m experiencing all these places and I’m finding my feet in The Elders more and more I’ve found focus for blogging what’s been happening.

I’ll still be posting these in the Elders Forum but thought it would also be great to put it onto a proper blogspot so that others can read my experiences.

Some of these posts ramble on and/or go off on tangents but as my 2nd post on here I will be posting the messages I’ve typed so far, the last entry begin today the 4th of January 2011.

Hope you enjoy it and your comments are always appreciated!

P.S. I am also an avid WOW podcast listener and contributor. I use the name Rigarmorty as this was the Undead Mage I was playing on the Zangarmarsh server before I started only playing on the EU Sha’tar in The Elders. I have also recently been submitting audio entries  which  I’ll link to if they’re particularly creative!

Podcasts I listen to will be listend and linked J

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