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Favorite Podcasts:

Here's my list of awsome podcasts definately worth checking out!

5 Wow Things
All Thinks Azeroth
Bind On Equip
Ctrl Alt Wow
Girls Gone Wow Podcast
Grand Old Podcast
Juunos Corner
Life And Tims Of Anime
Obscure Cast
Raid Warning
The Addicted Cast
The Instance
The Mana Cooler
The Other Guys Podcast
Twisted Nether Blogcast

Additional Audio Stuff:

Azeroth Food Epidemic - My under 5 minute per episode audio series!
We're Alive - The Zombie Podcast - This is an awsome Zombie invasion audio series!
The Weekly Pull - New Comic Book Podcast!

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Blogs List:

Caster DPS: A World of Warcraft Blog

D/E the Tank

Fel Concentration

Grumpy Gamers - Reviews

I Am McFluffy

Killing 'em Slowly

More Dots

Postcards From Azeroth

Revive And Rejuvenate

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Armory Links:

EU Realms:

Kedehyrn - Blood Elf - Blood Death Knight - The Elders Guild EU

Pryderic - Undead - Frost Mage (Main) - The Elders Guild EU

Rigarmorty - Undead - Assassination Rogue - The Elders Guild EU

Eireic - Blood Elf - Shadow Priest - The Elders Guild EU

Rigarmorty - Dwarf - Affliction Warlock - Immune To Psychology EU

US Realms:

Rigarmorty- Undead Subtlety Rogue in Clan Of Darkness US

Toblerone - Tauren Enhancement Shaman in Clan Of Darkness US

RigarTheBlak - Dwarf Unholy DK in CtrlAltWow Guild US

I, of course, have many other alts but these are the main ones I'm playing around with at the moment

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