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This is a list of Horror Actors, Producers, Writers and Ethusiasts as well as Horror Reference Sites and Groups. Which I have either featured on my show or discovered in hunt to discover more horror professionals and amateurs. If you know of someone you'd like me to either feature or look into, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Horror People Interviewed:

That_Ghoul_Ava: [Twitter] [BGHorror Blog] [Blog] - [EP0] [EP7]

DahliaDreary: [Twitter] [Blog] -  [EP1] [EP8]

CaseyBGH:[Twitter] [Blog] - [EP2] [EP9]

TheHorrorChick: [Twitter] [Blog] - [EP3] [EP12]

BGHorror: [Twitter] [Website] - [EP4]

ADLane: [Twitter] [Website] - [EP5]

KweenyTodd: [Twitter] [Blog] - [EP6]

Goregirl: [Twitter] [Blog] - [EP7]

Drymonema: [Twitter] [Blog] - [EP8]

BleedingDead: [Twitter] [Blog] - [EP9]

KenzziJane: [Twitter] [Blog] - [EP10]

AngelMcCoy: [Twitter] [Blog] -[EP11]

CaptainCruella: [Twitter] [Blog] - [EP12]

Horror News Sites:

Crawl of the Dead

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