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Episode 0 - The Addicted To Food Cafe
                          The idea originally was just for a food segment bumper for TheAddictedCast but
                                  it's started to develop into a series of them. This is one of the initial bumpers and
                                  the rest follow on from it.
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP0 (RT: 1:05)

Episode 1 - Bad food at the cafe?
                          A continuation of the story... A number of people have become sick...
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP1 (RT: 2:06)

Episode 2 - It's a food epidemic!
                          There's something else happening at the cafe that just isn't right...
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP2 (RT: 2:44)

Episode 3 - A new visitor & quarantine!  
                          Mr Smith still hasn't been heard from, there's a new visitor and
                                  Azeroth Environment Agency are sent in!
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP3 (RT: 2:54)

Episode 4 - A new reporter, more sick and everyone is under quarantine!
                          Mr Daniels another reporter is sent in and everyone including him is under quarantined  
                                  by the Azeroth Environment Agency but are their methods effective?
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP4 (RT: 3:27)

Episode 5 - What happened to Larry Smith and Dr Rigarmorty?
                                  Its definately something to do with the water. We catchup with Larry Smith and 
                                  Dr Rigarmorty but what's their role in this investigation?
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP5 (RT: 3:27)

Episode 6 - What's happening back at the cafe and where does the food fit in to all this?
                          The Epidemic is spreading and something wrong with the bags of food at the Cafe!
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP6 (RT: 4:00)

Episode 7 - Sightings of the "Changed" and Smith invesigates the water!
                          There are reports of sightings to Sixty Crunchlets and Larry Smith explores a shipwreck!
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP7 (RT: 3:27)

Episode 8 - Daniels, Squashling & the Farnworth's are surrounded. Will they escape?
                          Sitings of the changed near Crossroads and those alive at the cafe are surrounded!
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP8 (RT: 4:02)

Episode 9 - Reporter Smith stuck in the ship is he alone?
                           Smith awakens still in the ship investigates further and is not alone!
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP9 (RT: 3:35)

Episode 10 - The body is identified and Dr Rigarmorty operates?
                           The body isn't Daniels but what happens when Dr Rigarmorty performs the autopsy?
                            Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP10 (RT: 3:48)

Episode 11 - The Environment Agency are sent in to find Larry Smith!
                           Larry Smith's signal might have been heard and the AEA (Azeroth Environment Agency)
                                    attempt a rescue! 
                            Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP11 (RT: 3:35)

Episode 12 - What happened to the survivors? What's Mr Squashing cooking up this time?
                           There are still four people from the cafe missing! The wetland leaches and Devil's Club
                                    prove a great combindation! 
                            Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP12 (RT: 4:16)

Episode 13 - The Azeroth Coastal Defence search for survivors but what do they find?
                                    With wriggling creatures in the water and at least one survivor seen off
                                    shore what do the rescue team find?
                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP13  (RT: 3:03)

Episode 14 - Daniels, Mr & Mrs Farnworth & Mr Squashling are in trouble!
                                    Mr Daniels the Farnworth couple and Mr Squashing are in trouble but is where
                                    they take refuge actually safe?
                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP14 (RT: 3:17)

Episode 15 - Dr Rigarmorty's involved or the cause but can his prisoners escape?!
                                    Smith, Daniels & Mr & Mrs Farnworth are held captive by Dr Rigarmorty! How much
                                    do they know and can they escape in order to alert the authorities?
                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP15 (RT: 3:45)

Episode 16 - The reporters are missing and the nvironment agency work on an antidote!
                                    Sixty Crunchlets haven't heard from Daniels or Smith. The environment agency are
                                    catching the changed for experiments. Have they bitten off more than they can chew? 
                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP16 (RT: 3:23)

Episode 17 - Sixty Crunchlets - Food Epidemic Special Report
                                    Sixty Crunchlets special report bringing you the story so far as Commander Tims gives
                                    his update from the front lines & orders radio silence.
                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP17 (RT: 3:18)

Episode 18 - Commander Tims sends in the troops but are there survivors?
                                    Smith, Daniels & the Farworth's were last heard in Rigarmorty's layer are they still there
                                    and will they catch Rigarmorty?
                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP18 (RT: 2:56)

Episode 19 - Commander Tims has a "final solution" but will it work?
                                    Commander Tims has recalled the troops from Rigarmroty's layer but will they catch them
                                    and is Tims solution the best idea?
                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP19 (RT: 4:04)

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