Thursday, 25 July 2013

July 2013: Blog and Show updates

Greetings all,

It has been awhile and I thought it was about time I posted an update.


This is coming back in some form or another very soon. I'm still planning to get the first of the "Chaotic" Episodes out either this week or Monday. Each of these Chaotic episodes will be featuring a horror band which I have know for awhile now but with RL getting in the way I've had very limited time to do anything outside of work. The episodes will also be including The Devil's Carriage segment which I've started recording. This is essentially a in car ramble about various things which will give you some extra content.


Plans are to start getting creative on the blog front as well! I've recently been catching a couple episodes of Tweep Nation which is a writer's podcast. I discovered it when I started following Dionne Lister on Twitter who's blog site is: It's also hosted by Amber Norrgard who I just started following, her site is: It's a great show to catch even if you only have the slightest interest in writing! They've got very funny banter and brilliant guests who they interview! Listening to this show and it's hosts talking about writing prompted me to start writing again! (See next section) There are 2 RSS feeds on the site. The correct one to subscribe to is: Tweep Nation RSS and it's of course on iTunes and Sticher!


I used to write some short stories and poems quite a long while ago and even attempted a few stage plays a number of years back. It's a bit like riding a bicycle, you remember the basics at least!

So far, I've got the whole story idea written down, main characters drawn up and the first chapter planned but I'll need to map out the whole story or I'll end up cramming everything in a couple of pages. It may take awhile but it's a least another ongoing project I can work on. Check out The Tweep Nation podcast!


I've been out of Warcraft for nearly a month but I have got plans to come back to it in the very near future. I might re-think the direction I'm taking with it so I don't get burnt out. As I'm still on an older machine, the newest content doesn't run all that well so I result in leveling my alts as and when I can. Anyway, I've go plans to work on a number of my very low level toons and push them through Azeroth and perhaps visit the lesser known places in the game.


More to come on this site and the show will be back in some form or another in the very near future. As always, you can find me on twitter @Rigarmorty and follow the show @BlightNight for show news and episode posts!



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  1. So glad you've been enjoying Tweep Nation and even happier to hear we've inspired you to get writing again!