Sunday, 3 February 2013

Rigarmorty's Quick Update 2013

A very belated Happy New Year for 2013! I like to think of the start of February as the new New Year :)

There are a number of updates both related to my podcast and what I've been up to in Warcraft.

Blight Night Podcast

The podcast is currently on hiatus and is planned to be back by April. A lot of scheduling and RL issues have gotten in the way and I'm just not getting any recording time at the moment. I am working on this and once work settles down a bit more I'll actually have my lunches back and regular scheduled time at the "warehouse of doom" which means I'll be back on schedule and have more recording time.

At some point, not sure if it'll be before April or not, I'll have an entire night free to do some recordings. I'd like to do some Skype interviews possibly with some of the awesome horror folks I've discovered / mentioned and/or just people who want to be on the show. This'll be pretty much a one off as my free evenings are about once or twice a year.

Horror music: I've got a few people I need to contact who produce horror related music so I can include more of it in my show. I know I only managed to get a show out  before going on hiatus with Coffin Crawlers who were awesome by the way, but I'm planning to have more and for it to be a regular show feature! If you know of anyone who does produce this sort of music, even if it's tentatively related, get in touch!

I wanted to also take a second to thank everyone who's subscribed and listened and hopefully Season 2 will be even better! Oh and I'm drumming up ideas about the Forsaken Food segment as well so watch this space...

Warcraft Update:

There isn't a huge amount to report here. I've been play as and when I've had a spare 10 minutes to couple of hours. 

Started another Undead alt which is nothing new :P I do think that in Wow there should be some quest lines which, maybe every 20 levels reverted you back to your original starting areas or starting storyline. I'd like nothing more than to be reunited with Lady Sylvannas from time to time just so that bond you develop with her in the first 20 levels can be maintained throughout.

I've also been leveling up a Gnome Warlock which as been a lot of fun. I've gone Demonology Spec which I'm slowly learning. She's only level 22 at the moment but I am popping on here as and when I can even if it's just to do a few quests. I have a similar level alt which is an Orc Warrior that I'm also working on. Both are a lot of fun!

Pet Battles: Oh dear, yeah, I'm umm...hooked.. Ok, I know, like everyone else thought initially when MOP came out that it wouldn't be something I'd get into but it's highly addictive! I've not got a great deal of pets yet but I can already see myself getting excited about forming my pet team and taking on the world!


So there's a lot of RL crap getting in the way at the moment but fear not, my show will be back, I'll be playing more Wow and contributing to other podcasts as and when I can! As always, if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to add a comment to this show or get in touch via Twitter etc.




  1. gnome power pew pew

  2. I went through the same crap a while back so what I did was not let anyone know when I will have any free time. I was only getting to play world of warcraft for like a half hour here and one hour there. Now I can usually play for a good 3-4 hours on saturday night and a few hours on sunday. Just don't let other people know that you intend to play.

  3. [Wow Strategy Guide] Thanks for your comment. It's always been a case of play as and when I've got spare time. I've had a little more time online and recently got one of my alts into MOP zones. It's currently the case of working with my schedule to get the show recorded. What I'll end up doing is recording it over a few days. Because the approach is slightly different with more horror content and the bands / artists I'll be including, I'm indecisive on whether to use the same format or change it up some. Anyway, thanks for your comment!