Wednesday, 31 October 2012

RBN 18: Halloween Special 2012

Halloween Special 2012! A special show intro, forsake foon involving body parts, a little bit of tech, Tenebrous Kate and Max Wilde are my who in horror to follow and there's a general ramble!

News & Updates

I also mention The Geek Hole the amazing gaming community site and MMO-Champion News a great resource of MMO news.

Forsaken Food

Dinner this time round consists of a few critters and limbs.


For feedback there were no new iTunes reviews. Thank you to the many regular Re-Tweeters!

The Laboratory

Tip: Use battery operated tea lights for your outdoor scary lighting!

Audio Projects

My audio series Azeroth Food Epidemic: All previous episodes can be found on the Audio Series Page.

What's Under The Bed - Horror Segment

In my horror segment What's Under The Bed, I go over some horror news from Bloody Good HorrorDread Central and Goblinhaus.

Who In Horror To Follow

Tenebrous Kate: [Twitter] [Website]

Max Wilde [Twitter] [Website]

Rigarmorty's Ramble

I conclude with Rigarmorty's Ramble giving what I've been up to in game and anything I wish to discuss.


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Monday, 22 October 2012

Back from a brief Hiatus & Updates!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to get a quick note out about the lack of activity on my blog / podcast recently. A lot of work and real life stuff had taken over any and all recording time I had available. This has also effected my in game Warcraft playing time.

Blight Night Podcast

     Schedule update:

Blight Night will be returning later this week! It may end up being only a horror and updates episode depending on how the week goes but the plan is to have episode 18 out by Saturday at the latest. Things have settled down quite a bit now and scheduling should work as normal leading up to Christmas / New year at which point there will probably not be a show from the week prior to Christmas till the 2nd week in January.

I'm brainstorming some ideas to maybe add or change things a bit but that's an ongoing process and as always, suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated! See below for the various ways you can take part or be involved with the show. As always if you'd like to contribute or suggest or even recommend anything to the show please email:

     Horror Segment:

The horror segment "What's Under The Bed?" will continue to include a Who in Horror to Follow and a Horror Revisit as well as some other bits of news etc. As always, I'm keeping an out for more people who are part of horror in some way, whether they be a writier, actor/actress, producer, film maker, blogger or avid fan. If you have someone you'd like me to feature, please also contact the show by emailing to the above address.

     Forsaken Food:

This segment does take a little time to put together so I will, as planned, include it in every other episode. It may or may not be included in episode 18, it just depends on how my schedule works out. If you have a favorite in game or Real Life recipe you'd like me to dramatize you can also email those suggestions to the show.

     The Laboratory:

This as always has kind of been a bit of a limited segment but I'm working on how either I can use it to include part of the horror stuff or part of the Warcraft stuff. The initial idea was for it to be a professions segment but lack of expertise has ment this segment with it's included shore alchemy drama simply included what technical bits I happen to work out that week or Wow tips that I've had to rely upon. If you've got particular thoughts feel free to throw them in an email to.


This show is a hobby and doesn't have anything to do with warcraft theorycrafting or do I see myself as a horror expert by any means. I love both! In this post I've mentioned a number of ways people can, if they want to, contribute, suggest etc. This is purely voluntary and the show doesn't rely on it but I want to make sure you all know that the doors are open. You can, of course, simply reply to this post with your ideas etc instead of sending an email and I hope you all enjoy how the show progresses in the future.

Interviews & Special Episodes

Since my last episode I was interviewed by Rho on his show the Realm Maintenance Podcast episode 7. Rho's show is simply awesome! It's a mini-cast covering Warcraft news in 80 seconds, new podcasts, podcaster interviews and more all in under around 30 minutes!

The Sundering Podcast had their Episode 100 a couple of weeks ago. I send in this episode 100 special youtube video: Rigarmorty The Sundering EP100 Special. As always, the video is "unlisted" on YouTube. Please refrain from linking the video directly on your website and instead refer them to this post or my Other Media Page.


In conclusion, I'm back. The scheduling is still pretty crazy but things have finally settled down so expect more, a lot more, in the near future. Thanks your patience, for subscribing etc. (Subscription links etc below).



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