Friday, 27 April 2012

Blog Images & Audio Links now all updated!

Hi everyone!

Apologies for the inconvenience with my blogs image files and sound files not being available. The file host site I was using disappeared last week and it's taken me awhile to get things uploaded to another source site and edit all the links and upload the images. Thankfully it wasn't a huge amount, just time consuming. Thanks for your patience and support!

Podcast update: I'm currently looking into making my show a weekly show instead of one every two weeks but some planning needs to happen which shouldn't be a big deal. Episode 5 will come out next week and from that  point I will attempt at getting one out every week.

If you have any show suggestions, comments, favorite in game food or anything else feel free to get in touch with the show!



Friday, 20 April 2012

RBN 4: The Howling

 Rigarmorty's Blight Night Podcast

RBN4: The Howling

1. Introduction

2. Announcements & News

                      Now on iTunes & Stitcher    

3. Forsaken Food Segment

                      - Bread Of The Dead
                      - Smoked Bear Meat

4. The Laboratory Segment

                      Paring Professions

                      Stitcher Logo Coding Post

                      iTunes Logo HTML Coder

 5. What's Under The Bed Segment

                      Bloody Good Horror Website News

                      BGHorror on Twitter

6. Rigarmorty's Rambling

Contact info:
Show Direct Download: Rigarmorty Blight Night Episode 4

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Technical Glitch

The FTP site that host my files, images etc is currently down and the issue is being rectified.

As a backup I'm uploading my episodes to Google Docs and replacing the URL links.

This will take a little time and either should be available by the end of today.

Apologies for the inconvenience.



Tuesday, 3 April 2012

RBN 3: Tainted Cauldron

 Rigarmorty's Blight Night Podcast

RBN 3: Tainted Cauldron

1. Introduction

2. Announcements & News

                      -   iTunes, Stitcher & Contact info

3. Forsaken Food Segment

                      - Dig Rat Stew (Wowhead Link)
                      - Savory Deviate Delight (Wowhead Link)

4. Show Reviews

                      - iTunes Reviews, Twitter Messages & Retweets

5. The Laboratory Segment

                      -   Must Have Addons
                      -   Titan Panel
                      -   Rilandune On Twisted Nether (Link) 
                      -   Auction House

6. Audio Projects

                      -   Azeroth Food Epidemic Episode 20 still in progress.

 7. What's Under The Bed Segment

                      -   Blood Good Horror (Link)
                      -   The Dead Hour Web Series (BGH Article Link) (Series Website)
                      -   Who In Horror To Follow:
                      -   The Horror Chick (Twitter) (Blog) (Production Site) (Dread Central Article)

8. Rigarmorty's Ramble

                      -   What I've been up to in Wow
                      -   Show Schedule
                      -   Random Thoughts
Contact info:
Show Direct Download: Rigarmorty Blight Night Episode 3