Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Azeroth Food Epidemic Episode 17!

Apologies for the delays in getting this episode out, which should have been before Christmas. At any rate, this episode will be included on The Addicted Podcast episode 123!

Episode details are below:

Episode 17 - Sixty Crunchlets - Food Epidemic Special Report
                                    Sixty Crunchlets special report bringing you the story so far as Commander Tims gives
                                    his update from the front lines & orders radio silence.
                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP17 (RT: 3:18)

As always all of the episodes can be found on my Audio Series page and you can subscribe to the series/podcast RSS here. This can also be manually subscribed to in iTunes, Zune etc...



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Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Grand Old Podcast, Updates & Future Plans

Belated Happy New Year everyone!

Grand Old Podcast:

I had the awsome pleasure of being on Grand Old Podcast Episode 35 reviewing Sylvanas Windrunner: Edge Of Night! Hand an awsome time, stumbled a little but it having been the 2nd time on a podcast, it went pretty well! The Grand Old Podcast is a great show and SayomaraV reviews Wow lore stories with a guest each week. The Edge of Night is a brilliant story and although half of what I remembered of the story left my brain when I was on, it's definitely worth checking out!

Toon Updates:

Pryderic - Ever since having been on 5WowThings Episode 39 back in the middle of December I've been working on this my main to get him up to 85. My lack knowledge of Cata content kinda showed when I was on. Anyway, he's now 85 Woot! I got the achievements for completing Vashj'ir, Deepholme, Uldum &  Twilight Highlands zones which were brilliant! I'm about half way through doing the quests in Mount Hyjal which isn't taking too long. I did the World Shaman questline to obtain the Mantle Of Desire my first Cata Epic.    I've also forked out the 4000 gold for the 280 flying speed and got Illustrious Grand Master in First Aid.

Plans for this toon, obviously, is to finish up Mount Hyjal, gear up, do some Tolbarad and every other bit of Cata content I've not done yet. I'm loving the areas for the most part and I'm looking forward to running some dungeons soon and eventually getting round to Looking For Raid. I'm not in a progression raid guild or anything but we do run various ones from time to time to get each other geared up and work towards Legendary's and achievements.

Audio Series:

I've been slow to get another episode out over Christmas and even so far in the new year but not for a lack of want just real life stuff seems to have taken any spare minute up until very recently. The current plan is to get Episode 17 out this week. Episode 17 will be an a Sixty Crunchlets Special Report recapping on the Azeroth Food Epidemic events leading up to this point and explain the setting for the last three episodes of the season. The current season will end with episode 20 as it's been going for a whole year now which is longest season I ever heard of.  There will be either another season starting after some regrouping time or maybe even another series! See the next section...

Audio Stuff - Future Plans:

As I've just mentioned, my Azeroth Food Epidemic audio series season will end with episode 20 in a couple of months and I'll be doing some regrouping, replanning etc for the second season and / or another series.

In the meantime, once the season has ended I'm planning to start a small bi-monthly podcast / audio which will still be under the Azeroth Food Epidemic banner. Each episode will contain a quirky 5 to 10 minute segment about a Wow in game cooking recipe describing some creative ways to obtain the ingredients and cook each dish. The idea of that segment is to be quite obscure and creative in describing  it. For example, you have have to capture and ride a kodo and run it through the reeds in Kalimdor in order to get the grain your going to need to mill the flower for Spice Bread.  That sort of thing. The main purpose really is to improve my audio recording confidence while at the same time keeping you all entertained throughout the year. That podcast will be on the same feed as the Azeroth Food Epidemic series and it will be called something very similar if not the same. This means that people will still be able to subscribe to it in their iTunes or Zune  or whatever means you subscribe to shows. Each episode will probably  be around 30 minutes though I need to still work on the structure, record the segment bumpers and everything. I should have out a test episode I think around late February / early March.

Other Bits:

I'm thinking about what else I can add to my blog and I'm open to suggestions.I toyed around with adding a Vlog page awhile back but perhaps if I add a Media Page that I can throw up things like my Halloween Vlog Special, special audios I did for 100th Episodes etc Anyway, if you've got any ideas or have something in particular you'd like to see, just hit me up on Twitter or wherever.

Program Spotlight:

The Geek Hole, for now will stay in my Show Spotlight but this is a program spotlight which'll probably be even less frequent but it's useful programs that I use daily that I think other people should check out and no, this is not spam.

Keepass: This is simply a free password manager / safe which I use to keep all my site passwords. It stores all your passwords encrypted and only requires a master password to access them. It also has a password generator built into it so you can generate and save passwords as well. There are 3 versions in total, a Portable Version, Classic Version & Professional Version. All still free just varies in the amount of features build into the versions. I tend to stick with the classic version myself. Anyway, this wasn't intended to be a long section.It's just something worth checking out: http://keepass.info/

That's it from me this time, hope everyone's 2012 is going well so far! Check out my Epic Foff on The Sundering next week. I was having a proper rage tehe!