Friday, 9 November 2012

RBN 19: Eyeball S'mores

A new approach to the show this week including some minor show changes. Wow & Horror News, Forsaken Food, The Laboratory tech and What's under the bed horror segment with a new who to follow!

Show Updates:

New approach to recordings. Slight changes in the show format. Checkout the new Stitcher site
widget on my Podcast Page!

What I've been up to in and out of game

Leveling - Kun-Lai Summit

Wow News & Horror Upcoming Events

Stitcher News: Stitcher Blog

      - Stitcher Site Widget! Play the latest episode direct from my blog by visiting my blog's Podcast Page!

Warcraft News: MMO-Champion

      - Reminder: Heart of Fear - Heroic and LFR Opens this week.
                              Raid Guides on
      - Conquest points cap of 1350 increased to 1800 ahead of 5.1

Horror events: Goblinhaus

      - November 8 - 11, 2012: NYC Horror Film Fest, New York, NY
      - November 9 - 11, 2012: Blood on the Beach II, Virginia Beach, VA

Zombie Crawls: Crawl Of The Dead

      - November 17, 2012: UK Festival of Zombie Culture, Leicester, England UK

I also mention The Geek Hole the amazing gaming community site.

Forsaken Food

Salted Eye [Item][Recipe]


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The Laboratory

I talk about Warcraft UI, my Horror Music Who to Follow is @JamesRoyDaley [Books Of The Dead] [James Roy Daley's Horror Music Blog]

Audio Projects

My audio series Azeroth Food Epidemic: All previous episodes can be found on the Audio Series Page.

What's Under The Bed - Horror Segment

In my horror segment What's Under The Bed, I go over some horror news from Bloody Good HorrorDread Central and paranormal activity.

Who In Horror To Follow

Bloody Sweetness [Twitter]
Coffin Crawlers [Twitter] [Website]
Violence Of The Mind [Twitter] [Imdb]

Rigarmorty's Ramble

I conclude with Rigarmorty's Ramble giving what I've been up to in game and anything I wish to discuss.


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