Saturday, 8 September 2012

RBN 16: Iridescent Footsteps

Back after a couple of weeks, the show includes, the regular Forsaken Food and Laboratory drama, in Horror LittleGothicHorrors is my Who to Follow and I have a general ramble about upcoming MOP etc.

News & Updates

Apologies for being away for a week! I recorded this episdoe from the Warehouse of Doom. I'm also back on schedule with audio segments and submissions now that I have a new adapter I've needed for awhile.

I also mention The Geek Hole the amazing gaming community site and MMO-Champion News a great resource of MMO news.

Forsaken Food

The Forsaken Food drama segment contained the Enormous Barbed Gill Trout, Huge Spotted Feltail and Mr. Pinchy beasts from World of Warcraft.


For feedback there were no new iTunes reviews. Thank you to the many regular Re-Tweeters!

The Laboratory

The Laboratory drama part of the show included Elixir of Camouflage recipe from World of Warcaft.

I also covered the possibility of using your smart phone as an external soundboard, power adapters, the mobile auction house and Android RSS Readers.

Audio Projects

My audio series Azeroth Food Epidemic episode 20 will be recorded and out soon. There have been delays due to recording times available. All previous episodes can be found on the Audio Series Page.

What's Under The Bed - Horror Segment

In my horror segment What's Under The Bed, I go over some horror news from Bloody Good Horror, Dread Central and Goblinhaus.

Who In Horror To Follow

My who to follow this week is LittleGothicHorrors. Check out her Twitter and Website!

Horror Revisit

Revisit Q & A will return next week!

Rigarmorty's Ramble

I conclude with Rigarmorty's Ramble giving what I've been up to in game and anything I wish to discuss.


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  1. I put a link to this episode in WoW Podcast reddit hope it helps


  2. Thanks Sayo :D Not my best episode in my opinion but it'll be interesting to see what the Reddit reader response is to it.