Friday, 13 July 2012

RBN 12: Whispering Shadow Fiend

I've got some small show tweaks, the regular Forsaken Food and Laboratory drama, in Horror CaptainCruella is my Who to Follow and TheHorrorChick is revisited.

News & Updates

Congrats to Kweeny Todd on her 1 year blogiversary! Check her out on Twitter, Blog & site!

In show news and updates mention Jack's comment on Episode 9's post, as well as briefly mention The Geek Hole the amazing gaming community site and MMO-Champion News a great resource of MMO news.

Forsaken Food

The Forsaken Food drama segment contained the Smoked Talbuk Venison recipe, Talbuk Stag, Morning Glory Dew, Hyjal Nectar and Whicker Chest from World of Warcraft.


For feedback I thanked @GrandOldPodcast for the retweet. No new iTunes reviews. New Blight Night Twitter follower @podcastitute who is one of the hosts of Heals And Headshots. I had to remove the opinion poll for because of Mal/Iframe-V detection on the site.

The Laboratory

The Laboratory drama part of the show included Felweed and Mountain Silversage herbs and Bloated Giant Sunfish for Onslaught Elixir an alchemy recipe from World of Warcaft.

I also covered blogger tips and changes to show notes. Particularly mentioning 9 Steps To Better Podcast Show Notes.

Audio Projects

My audio series Azeroth Food Epidemic episode 20 will be out next week. All previous episodes can be found on the Audio Series Page.

What's Under The Bed - Horror Segment

In my horror segment What's Under The Bed, I go over some horror news from Bloody Good Horror, Dread Central and Goblinhaus. I also mention SDCC 2012: A New Trailer To Crave and SDCC 2012: My Friend Dahmer.

Who In Horror To Follow

My who to follow this week is CaptainCruella. Check out her TwitterWebsite and Crawl Of The Dead!

Horror Revisit

I also revisit TheHorrorChick with 5 Questions and Answers. This is what I asked:

1. What was the first horror movie your remember seeing?

2. Who's your favorite Horror Villian and whats your weapon of choice?

3. What's the synopsis of your film Paper Rock, Scissors - Dare You Play?

4. Presuming blood is used in the film, if you were to make your own fake blood what would be your recipe?

5. Who's your favorite horror actress?

HorrorChick's info: Twitter, Website, DreadCentral, Final Girl Films - Paper Rock Scissors

I also talked briefly about Dollar Bin Horror's upcoming show, Dahlia Dreary's Midnight Dreary's Book Club, Dread Central Podcast on iTunes and RSS Feed and, of course, 40oz of Horror also on iTunes and RSS Feed.

Rigarmorty's Ramble

I conclude with Rigarmorty's Ramble giving what I've been up to in game and anything I wish to discuss.


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