Thursday, 21 June 2012

RBN 9: Whispering Echoes

 Rigarmorty's Blight Night Podcast

RBN 9: Whispering Echoes

1. Introduction

2. Announcements & News

                      - MMO-Champion News [link]
                      - World Of Warcraft Site [link]
3. Forsaken Food Segment

                      - Rockscale Cod [wowhead link]
                      - Giant Clam Scorcho [wowhead link]
                      - Boiled Clams [wowhead link]

4. Reviews:

                      - Retweets: @Solietu, @SayomaraV @Middlefingerbil

                      - Twitter review:@sterlinglee38
                                                 Just finished listening to the latest episode of Blight Night.
                                                 Great show, always love your special effects and such.

                      - iTunes Review:

                      Excellent Production Quality *****
                      by Solietu - Jun 19, 2012
                      This show is about two things that I really only have a passing interest
                      in, but Rigarmorty's production level is so high that I keep coming
                      back, show after show. The segments are artfully created and the
                      small bits of voice acting are superb. Keep up the good work!

5. The Laboratory Segment

                      - Catseye Elixir [wowhead link]
                      - Fadeleaf [wowhead link]
                      - Goldthorn [wowhead link]
                      - Direct Mic & Condensor Mic Comparison

6. Audio Projects and Updates

                      - Azeroth Food Epidemic Series Page [Link]

7. What's Under The Bed Segment

                      - BloodyGoodHorror News [link]

                      - Goblinhaus [link]
                      - JoBlo Horror News [link]
                      - Who to follow in horror: Bleeding Dead: [Twitter] [Website]

8. Horror Revisit 5 Questions:

                      CaseyBGH [Twitter] [BGHorror Blog] [BGHorror & DAHWF Podcast]
                                          [Dad And His Weird Friends Group] [1951 Down Place]

                      1.   What was the first horror movie you remember seeing?
                      2.   I've heard you mention taking your daughter to some of the horror
                            films. Does she have a favorite?
                      3.   What's your favorite horror book you've read since you started doing
                            Dad and His Weird Friends last year?
                      4.   You've already gt a list of your top 5 Hammer Films for your show
                            1951 Down Place but what's your favorite zombie film?
                      5.   Who's your favorite horror villan and what's your weapon of choice?

8. Rigarmorty's Rambling

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Show Direct Download: Rigarmorty Blight Night Episode 9


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  2. I don't get it, what does this have to do with world of warcraft strategy.

  3. Hi Zack,

    My show isn't particularly related to Wow Strategy. There are a lot of shows out there specifically strategy related. The purpose of my show is to cover a bit of Wow by dramatizing cooking recipes, alchemy recipes and an update to what I've been doing in game. On the flip side it covers Horror which is growing to be a larger segment with each episode. To each his own really and not everyone will get or enjoy this show but it's my creative outlet and a break from the normal.



  4. My last reply may not have come out right. I've been doing some research into making my show notes and things clearer. I'll address this in this weeks episode and the episode notes etc will reflect more acurately what this show is about. You raised a valid point of how it could be misunderstood and I'm doing what I can to correct this.

    Thank you for your comment.