Friday, 15 June 2012

RBN 8: Flickering Candles

 Rigarmorty's Blight Night Podcast

RBN 8: Flickering Candles

1. Introduction

2. Announcements & News

                      - Blight Night Show Bumper [Link]
                      - The Geek Hole [link]
                      - Wow Insider - Mid-Summer Fire Festival 2012 Guide [link]
                      - MMO-Champion News [link]
3. Forsaken Food Segment

                      - Longjaw Mud Snapper [wowhead link]
                      - Fel Moss [wowhead link]
                      - Black Jelly [wowhead link]
                      - Borean Man O' War [wowhead link]

4. Reviews:

                      - Retweets: @solietu, @grandoldpodcast, @wowmartiean [youtube],
                                          @middlefingerbill, @leetawow, @Aprillian, @Hads01 & 

5. The Laboratory Segment

                      - Podcasting 101 [link]

6. Audio Projects and Updates

                      - Azeroth Food Epidemic Series Page [Link]

7. What's Under The Bed Segment

                      - BloodyGoodHorror News [link]

                      - Who to follow in horror: Drymonema
                      - Links: Twitter, Website

8. Horror Revisit 5 Questions:

                      DahliaDreary [Twitter] [Blog]

                      1.   What was the first horror movie you remember seeing?
                      2.   Your a True Blood fan. Who's your favorite character in the series?
                      3.   You've done some great blog posts on gothic paraphernalia. What's
                            your favorite horror accessory?
                      4.   Have you ever met a horror villian? Who's your favorite?
                      5.   What are your top three favorite horror films?

9. Rigarmorty's Rambling

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