Thursday, 10 May 2012

RBN 6: Creaking Door

 Rigarmorty's Blight Night Podcast

RBN 6: Creaking Door

1. Introduction

2. Announcements & News

                      - Second Podcast Logo
                      - Show disclaimer on Podcast Episodes Page [Link]
                      - MMO-Champion News [link]
                      - Secret World First Beta Weeked! [Link]
3. Forsaken Food Segment

                      - Blood Sausage [wowhead link]
                      - Infested Bear Spider Eggs for Creepy Egg Nog [recipe]
                      - Goblin Deviled Clams [wowhead link]
                      -  Fish Oil For Rusty Pans [wowhead link]

4. Reviews:

                      - Retweets: @GrandOldPodcast, @Aprillian (CtrlAltWow Podcast),
                                          @Mantufalf, @Janaelle5, @Jangasm 
                                          (*From Something Suggestive Podcast)

                      - Twitter Comments: @Solietu - Listening to @Rigarmorty on
                                                         #blightnightpodcast,Love the ambience!

                                                          @Sigmandis - @Rigarmorty I love the sound
                                                          effects on yourpodcast  @blightnight you've
                                                          inspired me to improve my own.
                                                          *From the Holy Shatt Podcast
5. The Laboratory Segment

                      - Wow Professions Alchemy Guide [Link]
                      - Wow Mists Of Panderia Wow Insider Article [Link]

6. Audio Projects and Updates

                      - Azeroth Food Epidemic Series Page [Link]

7. What's Under The Bed Segment

                      - BloodyGoodHorror News [link]

                      - Who to follow in horror: Kweeny Todd recommended by Quietambition
                      - Links: Twitter, Blog, Facebook & Page

8. Rigarmorty's Rambling

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Show Direct Download: Rigarmorty Blight Night Episode 6