Thursday, 3 May 2012

RBN 5: Crooked Key

 Rigarmorty's Blight Night Podcast

RBN5: Crooked Key

1. Introduction

2. Announcements & News

                      - Show now a weekly podcast instead of every two weeks!

                      - MMO-Champion News [link]
                      - Ceraphus's Blog
                      - Janaelle's Blog
3. Forsaken Food Segment

                      - Mithril Head Trout [wowhead link]
                      - Lean Venison [wowhead link]

4. Reviews:

                      - Twitter:
                      - @TwizzleTank :@Rigarmorty good show man! Has a creepy vibe to
                                                   it but you pull it off well! #subscribed

5. The Laboratory Segment

                      - KeePass [link]
                      - Wowhead [link]
                      - Gatherer Addon [link]

6. Audio Projects and Updates

                      - Azeroth Food Epidemic Episode 20 in production
                      - Started listening to Chip Music -

7. What's Under The Bed Segment

                      - BloodyGoodHorror News [link]

                      - Big Scary Show Podcast [link]
                      - Goblinhaus [link]

                      - AD Lane on Twitter [link]
                             - Film: Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead
                             - Sign up to the fan site and get perks along with donating! [link]
                             - 1300 people signed up so far raising $45,000!

                      - Whitby Goth Weekend [Link]

8. Rigarmorty's Rambling

Contact info:
Show Direct Download: Rigarmorty Blight Night Episode 5

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