Monday, 6 February 2012

Blogiversary, Toon Update & Upcoming Podcast


On Friday last week my blog hit it's one year anniversary! Hard to believe I've been blogging for a year already! With 54 posts that's barely 1 a week but hopefully more this year though it's been a slow start so far.

Toon update:

Pryderic is gearing up as and when I get time to play. Current item level is 330. I certainly need to start running more dungeons and work on getting exhalted with factions. I'm at around 100 Marks of the World Tree and getting there. Most recent gear item was my Cord of the Raven Queen which I slotted with a +20 Hit & +20 Int gem and belt buckle with a brilliant Inferno Ruby (+40 int). Armory Link.

All my toon Armory Links along with my list of favorite podcasts and favorite blogs can be found on my links page. I'm still working on getting same page links to work so I've removed those same page links at the top for the time being.

Upcoming podcast:

As if people need more podcasts to listen to... After my appearance on 5 Wow Things and The Grand Old Podcast. I decided that I'd start my own podcast in an effort to improve my audio submissions and recording confidence etc.

The name of this podcast is still being determined but the current shortlist of names include Blight Night, Dungeon Delights and Forsaken Freaky Frights.

Each episode will be 30 - 45 minutes long and released every two weeks. There will be a few segments including:

Forsaken Food:  (A creative approach to in game cooking recipes with a creative twist on obtaining and cooking/making items)

The Laboratory: (A professions segment covering tips, hints and other bits and pieces)

What's under the bed?: (A horror segment covering titbits and news etc)

I'm planning to start the podcast around the middle of March so I'll let you know closer to the time when an episode is out. If people like it I'll then look at putting it on iTunes. I'll post a poll after the first episode.

Audio Series:

Recording Episode 18 now which should be out later this week.

Until next time...




  1. Happy Blogiversary! Best of luck for the blogging year ahead :)