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Guest on 5WowThings, Additional Blogger Feeds & Other bits!

5 Wow Things EP 39 - Rigarmorty as a guest!

As most of you have probably heard by now, I was on 5 Wow Things this past week! It was my first time as a guest on a podcast so BGO and Janaelle broke that cherry so to speak. I did have a lack of knowledge on some of the topics but I've had good feedback from a few people. In fact, The Grand Old Podcast want me on their show in January so definitely looking forward to that!

Blogger - Additional RSS Feeds & Podcast Feed setup.

Adding an additional feed for either specific types of posts or specific posts in general all you need to do is set a specific label for those posts. You then use the below Feed Template. Simply enter your Blogspot name and the name of the specific label. Save this address, open http// and paste the feed address in the field to create the new Feedburner feed.

Feeds template: 

Podcast Feeds - Now initially I had though you had to paste the specific link on the Link field just below the Title but that's not the case when it comes to setting up SmartCast in Feedburner as it pulls all media from the post though you can specify which type of media you wish for it to pull.

Embedded Feed Player - Incidentally if you add an "Enclosure Link" the play file widget will appear in the subscribers feed reader and can be played directly from there as opposed to a link taking you to a separate tab.

Azeroth Food Epidemic Update

I have now enabled Feedburner SmartCast RSS subscription for the series which can be manually added in iTunes or whiever podcast download software means you use. I expect to have episode 17 up on my blog this side of Christmas though it is a busy week.

Azeroth Food Epidemic Logo

Thanks to Hads01 on Twitter for the suggestion, I've now come up with the logo for my series:



Friday, 2 December 2011

RP Resources, Site Spotlight & other bits!

In ths second post today I’ll be detailing some useful RP resources, a new site spotlight and some other bits and pieces!

RP (Role-Play) Resources:

Admittedly, although I am in a RP guild on an RP server my experience doing actual RP is quite limited. I have previously read some of which was quite detailed in creating the back story and everything for your character but that site seems to no longer be around and it was awhile ago. So, I decided to do some research in finding some RP resource sites.

Blog Azeroth / TNB Wiki: As a blogger myself, my first instinct was of course to check out the TNB Wiki Site which is the Blog Azeroth wiki page listing resource sites and all blogs registered with Blog Azeroth. (

If you haven’t already, head over to, sign-up and post and introduction! Your blog will be listed on the next Twisted Nether Blogcast episode and after about a week or two, end up on the Wiki site!

I didn’t see any specific in the Resources part of it but there are a few listed up on the Blog List under RP in the Contents! One or two aren’t active anymore but there are still some great ones! (see below)

TNB Wiki: Roleplayers Resource: ( This is a great RP resource site with everything from various resources, addons, RP dictionary, names for specific races, etiquette, rules  etc… I really found this site useful and certainly put me in the right direction!

TNB Wiki: RP Made Simple: ( This is another great site which includes some quick hints and tips including a quick start guide and RP perspective and a resource site list!

Wow Insider RP: ( Wow Insider is obviously one of the main Wow resource sites out there and a brilliant one for covering every subject including RP! In fact, I sometimes forget just how extensive the resources are on their site! So much knowledge covering everything Wow related!

That’s at least a few sites to get you started. I’ll probably be detailing more once I actually force myself into some RP in the very near future but the purpose of this was just to scratch the surface and send you in the right direction!

Site Spotlight:

This is a new part of my blog spotlighting some of my favourite sites and this one is no exception!

A community for Gaming, Tech, Podcasts, Humor and all things geek.

This is a MUST SIGN UP! I’m absolutely in love with this site! It tells you when you when new gaming podcasts are out, whether any of the podcasts registered with them are recording live or not, a full calendar and forums which includes forums for the podcasts as well! Even subscribing to the RSS I’m supplied with info of new episodes, community blog posts, news, you name it!

If you haven’t already, just go the site, click on Forums and register!

Other bits:

A new Audio Submissions page or Podcast Submissions page (can’t decide on a name, suggestions?) will be included on my blog and my Armory Links moved to my side bar.

The plan is to link initial and memorable audio submissions to podcasts such as my congrats to Ventchat & Slash2 for their 100th episodes, topics to 5WowThings the other week, my rant on The Sundering this past week, elaborate SFX entries for CtrlAltWow etc... My submissions to TheAddicted Podcast are my Audio Series entries which can be found on my Audio Series page.

It’ll take a little time to decide on which ones to go up but I’ll do a post once the page is live and at least a majority of the links are active.

P.S. This will also include a Halloween Vlog thing I did once I finish editing it this weekend as it’ll be part of my submission to JuunosCorner next week!

Blog Tips:

I haven’t got any specific ones this week but if you ever wanted to know how to do things like getting links to open in new tabs or just general advice I’ll at the very least point you in the right direction!



Long awaited toon updates!

In this post I'll be letting you know what's new with my Warcraft toons as it’s been awhile since my last update and my new DK has an RP back story. On with the update…

New Toons:

Kedehyrn – This is my newest alt which I created a few weeks back. Kedehyrn is variation on the Ancient Norse words for Battle Lord (cede hurn).

This was the name of my first ever toon who was a Blood Elf pally originally in The Relentless Guild on the US Zangarmarsh server. He was my first toon to hit level 80 and he saw a couple of bosses in the ICC raids. That guild broke up around the end of 2010, early 2011. As part of moving on he got lost and was last seen wandering around Dalaran and subsequently died (was deleted).

Having been in The Elders for nearly a year and around the anniversary of Kedehyrn’s death, the Lich King had seen something in Kedehyrn and chose at this time as we head into winter to rebirth him into darkness. He rose and took the blood path as he made his way through Acherus in The Ebon Hold. Having survived the Chapel Of Light battle was sent to Origammar and then on to Thrallmar.

He’s nearly finished questing through Hellfire Peninsula and is the main toon I’ve been playing on lately though my Wow time has been quite limited. He is also my first ever tank so I am anticipating some horrible pugs and fierce battles ahead.

There is some emotional attachment to him and it was only with having discussed him with my GM Brambline did I know and feel it was right to create him.

Existing EU Toons:

Pryderic – My Undead Frost Mage and main in The Elders is still hanging out in Dragonblight at the moment though now that 4.3 has come out I can race through Northrend and get him into Cata content. He’s level 72 at the moment and I had, awhile ago, burt out on playing him because of the lack of transition from Outlands to Northrend and beyond. Some small quests have been implemented in 4.3 which will make this transition smoother so the plan is to drop quests, port to Orig and pickup the latest Call To Arms.

Rigarmorty (The Elders) – My Undead Assassination Rogue in The Elders has changed specs a few times. I do enjoy playing him as subtlety because of shadow step but recently took up Assassination for apparently better Dps but as he’s only level 52 at the moment and I’m looking to push him into Outlands soon and pug his way through.

Eireic – My B’Elf Shadow Priest in The Elders is level 41 at the moment and a lot of fun to play though I’ve been neglecting him lately due to the limited playing time and since creating Kedehyrn but he’ll eventually be my main healing alt.

Rigarmorty (ITP) – My Dwarf Affliction Warlock in Immune To Psychology is level 28 and in need of some work. I’ve got big plans to get back on him over this coming weekend though I’ve got some research to do on the changes since 4.3 before picking him up. ITS is the guild that the members of the Girls Gone Wow Podcast belong to, they’re a  great bunch and I wish I could play them more!

US Toons:

Sadly I haven’t been on the US servers for about 6 weeks which I hate. I got some money recently for my birthday and some money coming at Christmas so I should be back on the US side again with my various toons in the Clan Of Darkness on Earthenring and the Ctlr Alt Wow Guild on Winterhoof. The goal is to get back on those before Christmas hits.

That’ll do it for toon updates this time round! I was going to compile this with my RP Resources and Site Spotlight but that’ll be included in my next post later today!

Don’t forget, you can check out my Azeroth Food Epidemic series on my Audio Series page! I’m also thinking about posting some of my more memorable audio submissions to podcasts on another page so if that’s something you’d like to see just hit me up on twitter!