Thursday, 27 October 2011

Attempt at a replacement banner image

Right next to where I work is an old Salem Church which has been derelict for a long time. I was messing around with an eventual top banner replacement this evening and this is what I came up with. (Replaced with current as original disappeared)

A little small still but looks pretty cool with the fading. For cropping, rotating images I use XnView. For the gradient editing and other bits Gimp works well though understanding the program initially can be quite complicated.

At any rate, just something I thought I'd share with you my readers. Got about another 1 1/2 hours spare so time to pop on Wow and work some more on my Rogue who's in the Badlands at the moment. Looking forward to punching Deathwing in the face again tehe... Big thanks to Rioriel for advice etc...



Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Audio Sampling and Wow Updates

Audio Sampling
I've got a number of Halloween audio projects to get done this week and I've been playing around a little with a program called LMMS. It's a music creation program with a gread deal of sampling and this is one I've come up with just playing around with it for half an hour: ScaryBackground1

Mists Of Pandaria
Ok, so everyone has been mentioning this since Blizzcon this past weekend. I'm quite excited about the upcoming expansion and liking it the more I hear about it. I did have some initial concerns with the changes to talent trees. After reading further into it, you'll be getting your core spells without even having to visit your trainer and the optional ones on the tree can be chosen by you so you can be unique and adapt to specific roles and requirements for your style of play.

Monk Class - A personal meaning
I was particularly interested when the Monk melee class was called WindWalker. This has a specific meaning to me when I was growing up. I'm not in any way Native American but I did, for a short period of time via the influence of my mother fallow their ceremonial belief system. My favorite name for myself at the time was Brother Raven but as I grew older and out of those beliefs I came across an old Sioux Indian Legend film about a Legend called Windwalker. (Film IMDB) I don't remember the in's and out's of the old tale as it was back in the 1980s but basically he was an old wise village healer. The villagers believed he was dead one winter and was subsequently buried above ground on a makeshift platform as was the tradition in those days to avoid animals coming and taking the body. He was there wrapped in furs for some 7 days and returned to the village to tell the tale. Anyway, after much digressing, this name became my first online username and I always look fondly back on it. I'm looking forward to playing a Monk!

Hallows End
I've been back on my rogue Rigarmorty who's now level 46 and about to head to Badlands having finished up all the Light Chapel Quests in the Plaguelands. I've been collecting treats and bobbing for apples though I think I need to read through the Wowhead guide so I can get more out of the event. At any rate, I've been having fun sneaking up on people and re-appearing.

Well, that's it for the moment, more to follow as always!



Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Azeroth Food Epidemic Episode 14!

I finished up another episode of my Azeroth Food Epidemic Series which'll be included in The Addicted Podcast episode 112! Episode details are below:

Episode 14 - Daniels, Mr & Mrs Farnworth & Mr Squashling are in trouble!
                                    Mr Daniels the Farnworth couple and Mr Squashing are in trouble but is where
                                    they take refuge actually safe?

                             Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP14 (RT: 3:17)

As always, the full list of episodes and download links are available on my Audio Series Page!

Comments also appreciated, hope your all enjoying each episode!

Finally, a new vlog entry should be up on Thursday this week but you'll be notified in a further posting which'll include updates.



DISCLAIMER: All voice recordings unless otherwise indicated are my voice only. All sound effects and music contained within these recordings are royalty free and from royalty free sound effects collections I have purchased myself and or sound effects I have recorded / composed soley for this purpose. Use of these audio files is for lisenting purposes only and should not be broadcasted without prior consent.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Updates and thoughts on changing specs

So, it's been awhile since my last normal blog post but then again, none of them are normal these days :P

Warcraft servers subs:

I've been off the US servers for a few weeks now and I really miss it. I will be back on those in the next week or so, I'm just sorting out getting the subs sorted for it. In the meantime I've continued playing on the EU servers in both The Elders on EU The Sha'tar and in Immune to Psychology on EU Earthenring. This past week has been quite hectic so I haven't been getting a lot of time online.

Primary Toons:

Pryderic - My Undead Mage dinged 73. I'm working him through Northrend though I'm tending to stick with running dungeons. Part of me wants to go back and catch up with my Herbalism and Inscription but the rest of me just wants to get on and explore Cata content. He's still spec'd into Frost though has duel spec'd as Fire, I've struggling to learn that play style which I'll discuss in a minute.

Rigarmorty - Undead Rogue. He's been stuck at 32 for ages. I need to get back on playing him though the only spec I seem to manage well is Subtlety.

Toblerone - Tauren Enhancement Shammy. He's on the US servers and I last left him at level 62 and I'm eager to crack on with him again when I'm back over there.

Eireic - B'Elf Shadow Priest - This is a new toon I've not mentioned here previously but he is my latest addiction. He's level 37 at the moment and I'm enjoying him immensley. Should be getting back on to playing him later this week. It's been great to also assist in some healing with him though not sure which off-spec to go for and then need to work on learning the play style which I mentioned earlier. It'll be after the Toons Section when I go into this.

Rigarmorty - Dwarf Affliction Warlock (in Immune To Psychology) - This is also a relatively new toon. Immune to Psychology is the guild that the GirlsGoneWow Podcast hosts play in and I joined them for the social aspect.

Other Toons:

My other toons have been inactive. I did do some work on Tripellian my Feral Druid though I've been thinking of playing him as Boomkin or Resto as most of his current gear has Intellect on it and he's only level 15. I've been meaning to have another look at running my DK's. Frost spec seems to be a popular choice at the moment but I need to research more on their play style and rotations.

Duel Spec'ing:

This in particular seems to be a mental block of mine for ages now. I think it's awsome that you can duel spec and the fact it's now so cheap is great too! The problem is, having levelled up a particular toon like my shadow priest up to beyond level 30 I have a real feel for the toon and how to play him. I do have a set few muscle memory keys for my toons all of which are dps at the moment. The 1-4 keys are always my main rotation, key 5 is always some sort of shield or cooldown pop 6-7 are other less important cooldowns, 8 is always a heal, 9 is always a dispell, 0 is always emergency button, - is always regen or rebuff and = is always mount.

Having said all that I am keen to learn to play a tank or healer which does have the same types of spells but I struggle to take what I read off the page actually into practice. If I, for example just decide to switch from shadow to disc or holy, how the hell am I going to have the feel for what to cast when, when my brain is still in dps mode. The fact that I'm running a shadow priest is helping somewhat in this aspect as I'm able to assist with heals or pop a HOT on the tank in between pulls.

My solution at the moment is to create a new toon, power level through to 10 then go with that specific spec and level with it until I get to a point where I'm comfortable to transfer the skills I've learned and spell rotation etc to the original toon. Then again, with only 10 toons per server allowed you end up having to purge these rather quickly unless you level them on a different server and just delete them when your finished.

I suppose if I was around when more of my guildies were on and I could just get them to walk me through what to do I'd be able to learn that way but it's not often the case as I'm playing early morning or when I look at the roster, none of the guildies online are of either that spec or in a nearby area.

Without much of a current solution I'll be starting up a few toons to try and learn the off-spec's I want to run but if anyone has any information, suggestions, tips etc, it would be greatly appreciated!

Audio Series:

I'm recording and editing Episod 14 this week which should be on TheAddicted Podcast episode 112! They played my Episode 13 at the end of their Episode 111 which just came out today. Still lots of plans for carrying it forward and I'm having to get increasingly creative with the sound effects and storyline though I think it's still going where I want it to. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I record these over a couple of lunch hours and do some final editing at home early in the morning so I'm only dedicating a few hours worth of work to each episode but I hope people are still enjoying them!


I started running a few Vlog tests on YouTube recently that people have liked. I may start linking them in here though I will be keeping the video access to "those with a link". If you'd like to see the latest test and what turned out to be my first entry, find me on twitter: and send me a DM and I'll link you to the video! There's still some work to do on it but once perfected I'll start linking them on a Vlog page of this blog so while the links won't be included in the blog entries I'll notify you, my readers, of when I've linked a new entry on that page!

Well, that's about it for today. I'll create the Vlog page and put the link up of my Test vlog entry which turned out to be my Vlog 1.



Saturday, 1 October 2011

Blogger Tip: External Links

Hi all,

Up until this point I'd edited the HTML so that every link when onto a new tab. While this was great it was quite annoying. Every link you clicked like the comments or any other blogger link it would take you to the next tab.

After a bit of research I found the solution for only external links to open in new tabs!

The HTML Code needs to be put just before the </head> when you Edit HTML on the Design page.


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
 <script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {

            // ---- External Links ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                $("a[href*='http://']:not([href*='"+location.hostname+"']),[href*='https://']:not([href*='"+location.hostname+"'])").attr("target","_blank").attr("title","Opens new window").addClass("external");



On a different not along with my series I will be doing a one off simular style of Hallowe'en story for JuunosCorner at some point this month!