Thursday, 28 July 2011

Blogger tip for having your links open in a new tab!

It's always frustrating to me when I click on a link in a blog and it replaces the current page instead of opening in a new tab so I can refer back to what I was reading. Did some searching and found what seems the most simple solution for sites, this should also work for Wordpress too.

Type out your post and do your links as usual and then click on "Edit HTML"

Now search for the "http" start of the link you entered. This is great if you've entered a few of them because it also highlights each one of these found. So you'll come across your link like the below:

<a href="">Postcards From Azoeroth</a> - Rioriel Is Awsome!

What you now need to do is add - target = "_blank" just after the last " in the actual html address. See below:
<a href=""target = "_blank">Postcards From Azoeroth</a> - Rioriel Is Awsome!

And then all you need to do is publish the post!

This can be done on all your link pages and anything else you have links on. It is a little annoying if you've got loads you want change but copy-pasting doesn't take ages. You can, if you have lots and lots of these paste them into a word document and do a "Replace and then replace all the /"> with /"target = "_blank"> and then paste it back in though I suggest keeping the word document open till you've checked all the links afterwards that way you can do a "undo" and restore it back if there are other instances of /"> other than associated with links though I've not come across it.

EDIT: P.S. The highlight feature keeps your text background as white in between highlights when you switch it back. To remedy this highlight the text with your mouse and then click on the Tx button to "remove formatting".

Hope this helps oh and go check out Postcards From Azeroth if you get a chance. Amazing stuff!

Hydra from TwistedNether Blogcast isn't doing her weekly blogger tips but there are many out there which I'll share each time I find something particularly useful!

Wow updates to follow, been tweaking my UI a fair bit again and levelling up my shaman.



Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Contact Forms!

I've previously posted quoting Kontactr as a good email link form but this has just recently given me the 404 Forbidden Error when I tried to access the page so my email forms haven't been there. I've re-investigated alternatives and have now gone with "Email Me Form" found at . It allows you to create upto 5 contact forms for free!

For now, I'm using one of their templates and so you'll see the following button on both my main page & contacts page from now on.

Clicking the button takes you to another tab to fill-out the form so you can easily once finished close the tab and come back to my blog.

Apologies for any confusion and hopefully this form provider will prove more successful!



Azeroth Food Epidemic Episode 9 ! & The Winged Guardian Mount!

Hi everyone!

Audio Series

I finished my Episode 9 of my Audio Series and it’ll be included on TheAddicted Episode 101. I’m really enjoying doing these and have quite a few plans for many more episodes. At any rate, hope you continue to enjoy them and here’s the episode details:

Episode 9 - Reporter Smith stuck in the ship is he alone?
                           Smith awakens still in the ship investigates further and is not alone!
                         Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP9   (RT: 3:35)

                   The complete series can be found on my Audio Series Page!

Winged Guardian Mount:

I won a Winged Guardian Mount! Woot! Huge thanks to Juunos Corner! Mind you, I did have to sing karaoke to two heavy metal songs! I’ve been rediscovering a lot of the old industrial and metal stuff I used to listen to and trying to get back into it in a major way. Ogre is great at suggesting some music, hmmm, maybe I should get him to rip me a CD. Below is the image of me sitting on the lovely creature, not high enough level to fly him yet but he’s a thing of beauty!

Toon Update:

Toblerone is now level 48! I had plans to try and get him levelled up a bit quicker but I’ve been at the allotment a lot. I’m spending a couple of hours each night and around 8 hours at the weekend clearing weeds etc for the competition at the weekend. I'm loving my fellow Clan Of Darkness guildies though I'm still not back on EU servers, will have to wait till payday

Twitter Photos:

I’ve been reading up on the bad news about Twitpic’s ability to sell your photos for marketing and reap the benefits. For the moment I’m still using Picasa as it’s seeming the best free package for now though I may eventually look into Flickr as I’m not uploading that many photos anyway I don’t see myself using 300MB of uploads in a month.

Enhancement Shaman 101:

Stoneybaby off BigCrits has posted another Enhancement Shaman 101 on their site! This replaces the old 2009 one on Wow Insider. Check out!

Wow UI:

I'm still exploring my UI as you can see in the screenshot. There's a lot I like about ElvUI [link]. I think the map might be a little large and the overlapping at the bottom isn't brilliant but I'm at the beginning stages of creating my own unique one. Now, I did have a go at GrimUI being the fact that I love playing The Forsaken and all but it was terrible on my lower screen resolution. At the higher res I couldn't read a thing nor figure out what any of the buttons where. Will keep ya posted!

That's about it for the moment, time to work on this weeks CtrlAltWow audio entry and sing a couple more songs for Juunos Corner!

Till next time... 



Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Elders (EU-The Sha’tar) AQ40 Run, The Fire Festival RP Party & TNB Wiki

A few weeks ago I ran AQ40 with the EU guild I belong to and below are some screen shots from the run. I also, more recently, was able to attend at least part of the Summer Festival RP Party, photos also included below.

AQ40 - I’d never done AQ40 before and I came out of it quite well with 3 scarab mounts! I did kind of wished I had been swallowed by C’Thun just to see his insides but we did well.

RP Event – These are just a few of the screenshots I took on our way to the party location and what an adventure! We even came across killer bunnies! More screen shots and video can be found in the guild forum. [link]

TNB Wiki:

This blog is now included on the Twisted Nether Blogcast Wiki Page! [link

It also has it’s own specific page on that Wiki site! [link]

I’ll eventually be updating the blog info on that site once I have a look at what else I want to go on there.

If you have a blog and have not already done so, please introduce yourself to the community on!

FYI - Thanks to Rilandune, my Wow UI is being changed again! Currently using ElvUI which is  a complete UI replacement. I'll post some UI changes in the near future!
Till next time...



Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Rigarmorty Blog site updates, toon progress etc…

Hi everyone,

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a normal blog post though I do have plans to post some screenshots of my various Wow adventures in the very near future.

Okay, so first things first, I’ve been updating various bits of the site. There’s this awesome list of “9 Things Every Wow Blogger MUST have” [link]. It’s a comprehensive list of things you should have on your blog and definitely worth checking out if you’re a blogger! FYI - You have to be a registered user to view the topic but if your a Wow Blogger you should have hopefully already introduced yourself in the Author Introduction section so your can be mentioned on the Twisted Nether Blogcast [link]. Also, don't forget to check out the TNB wiki and get your blog listed on there! [link]

The first change was that I have now enabled  “Show mobile template on mobile devices”. Obviously, this makes it easier for anyone who accesses my blog via iPhone etc. On Blogspot the setting can be found by clicking on “Settings” then Email & Mobile” and clicking the appropriate box.

The second thing I change is that my page now includes a “contact me” email link:

Clicking on the link shows a embedded pop-up that allows you to email me. It's using a free service by Kontactr [link]. You just need to register for free and then they provide you with the HTML coding for 4 different variations of the buttons or text. It's a free secure way for people to get in touch without leaving my email address open to spammers and I'll get your email directly in my inbox. Worth including something like this on your blog making it easier for people to contact you!

Other changes include a "Search Widget" on the side bar if you wanted to search my blog for any specific thing and I've now included the Wow Copyright disclaimer on the bottom of my blog since my blog includes  Wow screenshots etc.


My EU subs have run out at the moment but they'll get sorted in a week or so, in the meantime I've been playing on my Tauren Shaman called "Toblerone" who dinged 43 this morning!

Not much progress on any of the others but you can now click on the Armory Links for my toons which has also been included on the right hand panel.

Audio Series

Recording and editing Episode 9 for AddictedCast EP101. You should definately check out their episode 100 next week which is another video episode!

Till next time!