Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Initial UI Tweaking

I'm off work sick today so I'm getting around to playing with the UI. This is my Bartender bars resized now. Oh and I've installed Bagnon to consolidate what's actually in my many bags at the moment.

Presumably moving the mini-map is fairly easy with another addon... Will check out SexyMap later on...



UI Experimentation and Audio Direct Download Links

The first bit of good news is that I have now also managed to sort out Direct Download links so you don't have to link off to my Google Docs page! I've also amended episode 1 of my audio series removing my TheAddictedCast weekly update and so it's now just the episode.

The second bit of news is with regards to my UI layout. I've been pretty much just been using the standard Cataclysm UI and picking up addons as and when I need them but never really doing anything with the display. Nevik commented on the fact I was using the standard UI which prompted me to have a look and changing it around some. I've had a bit of a play with Bartender 4 but I needed to see some of what other people have for inspiration. Wow Insider has a great Reader Ui Of The Week topic which is awsome and even details what addons used etc. I've tried playing around with full set UI's like GrimUI but everything is a bit small. Fingers crossed I should eventually have that changed in the near future :)

In the meantime... Below is Golkjin my Troll Shaman hitching a ride and hanging around on a boat :)

P.S. My main Pryderic the Undead Mage is still in Borean Tundra and I should be progressing further with him this weekend.

P.P.S. Recording and Editing Episode 3 of my audio series this week so it should be up by the weekend :)



Friday, 25 March 2011

The Great Divide!

Hi everyone!

There are a number of updates so I’ll break this post down in segments.

Blogpost site

1.     I’ve made the move to the new url which is awesome! It tokk  a great deal of searching the internet for a solution to redirect those who click on my old  page. Here’s the solution:

Go to your blogspot design page. Click on Edit HTML and insert the following directly below the text <head>:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3; url=" />

The number is the delay in seconds before your redirected. I’ve left mine at a couple of seconds so they know they’re being redirected. This works only with your domain. Clicking say one of the posts listed in google will direct you to a “no longer exists” page. I’m still trying to find a solution to get those to work as well but in most cases your will be the first one relating to your blog in the google search results.

2.     As you may have noticed, I've now setup FeedBurner so you can simply click the Subscribe To icon on the right hand side of the page and subscribe to my site.

3.     I've been playing around a little bit with the layout so expect little extra bits being added in from time to time like the new LATEST NEWS and HIGHLIGHT bit at the top.

Blog Listing

1.     This is just a quick note to say how awesome it is that my blog has been listed in the MMO Melting Pot – New Blog Roundup! (See the link at the top)

Audio Skits

1.     You’ll probably have already read my Audio Skits post. I’m currently scripting episode 3 the 4th in the series so far. Incidentally, Episode 2 will be aired on TheAddictedCast eposide 87 which I think comes out towards the end of next week. It’s an awesome podcast and definitely one of the many you should all check out! I owe it all to them for starting my audio series venture when I originally made a couple of attempts at a food bumper for their show. Check out and find them on itunes!

I make other audio contributions to a couple of other shows namely CtrlAltWow and GirlsGoneWow Podcast both of which are brilliant. In fact there’s so many of them! I’ve listed my favourites on the right. Hand side of the page!

Wow Accounts

1.     I have two Wow accounts one being US where I am in The Relentless Guild on the Zangarmarsh server and the other being EU where I’m in The Elders guild on The Sha’tar server. I’ve not really been on the US servers a great deal at all this year, in fact, subscription lapsed in February but I have been playing in The Elders.
Anyway, I was going to start back playing on both in early May but found out the US guild I belonged to is disbanding so for the time being I’ll be sticking with just the EU servers. I’ll get my US account activated again  as and when I find a new guild to join. J

Wow Toons

1.     My main Pryderic (Male Undead Mage) is just about to ding level 69 and is in Northrend Borean Tundra which is cool. The Oultands were ok having been the second time I’d been through there. I had been doing little quests around Shattrath but was getting restless so I just abandoned quests and when to the board in city to get the “Report to” quest and was sent to Borean Tundra. It’ll be fun playing through Northrend again. I’m still spec’d Frost at the moment primarily for the CC capabilities. I know that fire has higher dps burst but I’ve just not gotten round to duel spec’ing as of yet.

2.     My Alt Erithina (Female Draenei Shaman) is level 32 now and hanging out in Northern Stranglethorn Vale and I’m having a lot of fun playing her. She’s in the Alliance Elders guild. She recently picked up one of those little raptor hatchlings which she has to feed though oddly I’ve only had one feeding quest so far for it.

3.     I’ve loved playing a shaman so much that I created a Horde side one as well! Meet Golkjin. He’s a level 21 male troll  shaman who quite recently got to see the great divide near Crossroads. The below image is of him hanging out on his raptor in front of our guild house in Ratchet! (Check out that raptor smile J

(Click on image to see full size)

1.     That pretty much concludes this latest update. There’s lots planned and you’ll see more and more here in the future. If you have any site suggestions, advice or just want to leave a comment please do!

Until next time….



Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rigarmorty aka Pryderic Ramblings [URL Change]

Hi everyone!

I've become far better known as Rigarmorty which is my Undead Mage in The Relentless Guild on the US Zangarmarsh server so I thought it best while my blog was only a little over a month old that I should change the .blogspot domain to match that instead of it being Pryderic... so the new URL which I've been tweeting and messaging everyone with is

Site updates. I am playing around with the layout and you'll have noticed my new Audio page and part of my blog which I just posted the other day. Well, beyond that I've not sorted FeedBurner out so you can click the subscribe icon!

No plans as yet to put the audios on iTunes. I'm thinking just local file links for now is the best solution until I've got my audio series a bit further into it's production.

Thanks for following, thanks for your patience, thanks for listening and reading!

P.S. Catch me on Twitter @rigarmorty

Cheers x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New Audio Page! - Audio Skits!

No so long ago I started doing little audio skits for TheAddictedCast this was initially for a food segment bumper they asked for but I decided to develop it further and make it into some sort of a series.
I'll post a standard blogpost every time I do a new episode and link the original from my Google Docs but the complete list will be available from the Audio Series Page (LINK) also listed on the right. Here's the series so far:

Azeroth Food Epidemic Series

Episode 0 - The Addicted To Food Cafe (RT: 1:05)
                          The idea originally was just for a food segment bumper for TheAddictedCast but
                                  it's started to develop into a series of them. This is one of the initial bumpers and
                                  the rest follow on from it.
        Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP0

Episode 1 - Bad food at the cafe? (RT: 2:06)
                          A continuation of the story... A number of people have become sick... 
           Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP1

Episode 2 - It's a food epidemic! (RT: 2:44)
                          There's something else happening at the cafe that just isn't right...
           Download: Azeroth Food Epidemic EP2

I Hope you enjoy these and they will continue every 2 or so weeks and the list will be maintained on the Audio Skits page! Do leave a comment! Feedback is always helpful! :)

** These links are direct links to the document in my google documents. Simply Right Click and download from there! **

DISCLAIMER: All voice recordings unless otherwise indicated are my voice only. All sound effects and music contained within these recordings are royalty free and from royalty free sound effects collections I have purchased myself and or sound effects I have recorded / composed soley for this purpose. Use of these audio files is only for lisening purposes and should not be broadcast without prior consent.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

First time Alliance, First time Female, First time Shaman :)

Ok, so while my main toon Pryderic the Undead Mage is in Shattrath - (I'm waiting for when I happen to be on the same time as a particular guildie who's running me through the elites) - On inspiration of the GirlsGoneWow Podcast, wanting to get a toon in the Alliance side of the same guild and the desire to try a shaman, I created a Female Draenei Enhancement Shaman and gosh I'm loving her! She's great fun to play with and learning how to play her has taken a fair bit of research but she's quick at killing off anything she comes across! Anway, I haven't got a great deal of time to right today but here she is!