Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Continuation of Outlands and onto Shattrath (Photos and Text)

I've been quite busy so not had a great deal of opportunity to write here but will follow this post with more actual blog now that I've allocated a regular blogging slot in my schedule...

The last from Hellfire Peninsula - The Zeplin Crash Site:

Entering the Mushroom Land "Zangarmarsh" - Very pretty place :)

And finally onto Nagrand! It's a great place and I owe a huge thanks to my fellow guildie Kiithia and Ruur and a couple of otheres for the help doing all the elites in this area! 

I've now actually started to do the quests in Shatt which Kiithia is also running me through. I've so far got every area achievement in the Outlands that I've been in. I am quite tempted to have a got at LoreMaster but it may be something I do later as I'm eager to level and move forward.

I'm currently level 68 and thankfully got my run trinkets and cast frostbolt now working! Here's the macro if you need it:

#showtooltip Frostbolt

/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","0")
/use 13
/use 14
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","1")
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast Frostbolt

... more to follow :)



Saturday, 12 February 2011

Outlands - Hellfire Pennisula

Just a quick update... I'm not far off dinging 61 and have done at least a few quests around Outlands and ran a couple of dungeons. This are some of the pics I've taken along the way so far :).

Just a few cool posing screenshots I've taken. My my, what a dashing undead I am! lol

They're coming to get us in the dungeon :)

I just like all the swirling purple bits kinda like ghosts as this crystal become attuned :)

More to come :)


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Blasted through Blasted Lands and now onto Outlands!

The Blasted Lands quest went through fairly quickly. Certainly a few kill 10 of these, 8 of those and pick-up spare bits of whatever. There were some amusing bosses in the area like the one below... ;)

Anyway, before I knew it, got the Blasted Lands quest achievement and it was time to head off to Outland (Pic taken after I'd been in and gotten the Expert Riding and flying in Oldworld trained up.)

Now I know many people aren't exactly fond of the Outlands but as this is my second time ever questing through it I'm slightly optimistic. Plus, as far as I can recall there was a reduction in the exp required to grind through those ten levels. Wish me luck!



Sunday, 6 February 2011

Discovering Temple of Atal'Hakkar

Now that I'm level 56 and questing in the Swamp of Sorrows I finally got the quests which lead to the Temple Of Atal'Hakkar'Hakkar !

Wow, what a cool looking place located in the Pool Of Tears. Here's some Screenshots I captured:
(See full sized by clicking on the photo itself).



Friday, 4 February 2011

The Story So Far, Bringing You Up-To-Date

I decided to do a bulk post of what I've already posted in The Elders forum which will bring you up-to-date.  I'll still be posting these in that forum and copying them here or visa versa.

- Pryderic

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:00 pm 

Hi all,

This is just me doing a general rambling of how my toons are progressing...

Pryderic is just about to ding 35 which means he'll have done three levels this past weekend Woot! I've been questing in Revantusk Village and that area for the first time ever which was pretty cool. Lots of quests to stack up and relatively easy. I've got a couple of quests to turn in at Botty Bay when I finish this last couple of quests in the area or I might be sent up to Alteric Mountains/Chillwind. The new quest lines are great and making you head off to new areas which is awsome! When I eventually hit 42 anyone in the guild needing a teleport from 1 city to another can have it free from me as long as I'm not in the middle of doing a whole load of quests.

Tripellian is progressing slowly, only level 4 at the moment but it's my first time playing a druid so it'll take some getting used to. He's sort of lower priority than Pryderic but I'm hoping to do some more work on him so he can head up to Rachet and I think you only have to be level 10 or something for that area.

Addons. Anyone know of an addon for making notes on people. There's loads of you with whom i've had lovely chats with and then a couple of hours later I forget who I was chatting to and wish there was more of an in-game note system besides adding to friend and then adding a note. (e.g. There's someone in the guild I was chatting to the other week who's also in Leeds like me but I can't remember his toon name. The same goes for even this morning chatting to someone (I think the name had a "y" in it) about jarlsberg cheese etc.. I'm not loosing my memory or anything just get info overload at work etc and it's like "Damn, who was it I was talking to earlier..." and then by 7pm GMT tonight when I get online to play some I'll still be none the wiser...

Jeez, I didn't mean to go on that much about a notes addon... I'm in a talkative mood I guess.

Here's some useful stuff:

There's a cool WOW interactive map at:
**You can even get it to show you specific herb / ore locations.**

General account notes

I'm not using any addons since 4.0 came out though open to suggestions or a list of "Must have's"

My Current version is upto and includign Wrath. I'm hoping to get Cata when I get paid in a week though more pre-pay time is a priority.

Well, that's about it. This will probably be a never ending thread...

P.S. Keep an eye out on for Episode 4 to come out. Probably this week. I've emailed in a 2 1/2 minute voice message for the Podcast. (I go by the name Rigarmorty in introduction but also mention being Pryderic in this guild. Rigarmorty correlates to my US Account main toon name though these days I'm pretty much never on US Servers now that I'm addicted to The Elders.) It's a pretty cool show and only really mentions WOW slightly but I'm a huge fan of the host Juuno

Until next time... xx

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:29 pm 

(continued)... Wednesday today Server down this morning

I managed to ding 39 last night and can't wait for the faster riding speed. I think I read somewhere about getting a mount for being exalted with UC but as I'm Undead I can just buy the same mount anyway or is it just a cloak you can buy especially for being exalted...

Loving the Plaguelands, stranged plagued place Not on tonight as I've got college for 3 hours though back on in the morning.

Anyway, not much else to report at the moment. Will be instalilng OmniCC and ButtonTimers later for cooldowns oh and Omen to so I can watch threat.

Next priority Farming lower level herbs to bring my inscription up to next level. I'm like 30 points below 150.


Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:45 pm 

Update time ... In the last six days I've jumped from level 39 to 47 ... Not been pressing hard to level just progressing. I did lots of quests in Eastern Plagueland but want to go back there to get the quest area achievement. I've been questing in Badlands and nearly finished there though there has been a few hard dragons to kill I got the Badlands area questing Achivement last night and the Push The Goat off the cliff Achivement the day beforehand.

I've loving everyone in the guild, your all awsome! Need to do some herbs farming to make some glyphs and get my inscription a bit more in line with my level but that won't take long...

I've done a few voice things for a couple of upcoming podcasts. I did an "Wow Cafe Food Segment" for The Addicted Cast which'll be on Episode 79 when it comes out after this coming weekend which is quite funny.
I'm tonight recording a short skit with Matt Diox for an audio submission to the Ctrl Alt Wow Podcast for their 200th episode recorded this coming weekend.

If you'd like to hear these but don't want to have to listen to the podcast just PM Me an email address for you and I'll send it Failing that I'll tell you what minute mark on the podcast my recording starts getting played

Had to get rid of OminiCC and ButtonTimers and Omen last night as it was playing up a bit on my machine though I think that'll go away when I finish in the Badlands. The machine I use in the evening is only an Intel Centrino 1gig ram laptop on the 2nd floor in our double fronted terrace house so it's quite aways from the wireless access point and below the recommended for Cata but it seems to play ok since I turned off Shadows and Glow effect.

That's about it at the moment... Work is kinda quiet as the people who work outside my office door seem to be no longer on speaking terms with me. Which is fine really, I can just absorb myself in my work and podcasts to keep me going through the day.... Bit of a Wet day in Leeds!

Speak soon!


Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:18 pm 

Time for another update...

Pryderic is now level 52! Yay! I brought my professsions up a little bit but will have to do some more. What I need to do is farm some wool so I can get my FirstAid the last 4 points before I can do Silk bandages. I've got so much silk it's filled my bank completely and half of my bags. I'm looking into a gathering profession addon...

Burning Steps is pretty cool looking and quests there are quite fun though to an extent. There's still lots of "kill this for this and that for that" type quests. Will be interesting where I get sent after that.

Not been running instances as of late but I would like to crack on with some in the near future and I'll probably pick up Archeology when I ding 60 and have enough for the flying mount. Should get myself into a few more battlegrounds for the experience and guild rep

On a different note, I've created an alliance toon, Yep, at long last. It's a Worgen Druid I started. He's called Thalimar. He's level 7 at the moment and not yet in guild so when I next find someone on to add me that'll be cool

Not much else to report at the moment. RL is a little hectic and work is tedious. (I spent 5 hours working on 1 spreadsheet yesterday).

More updates to follow

Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:41 am 

Another update... Dinged 56 this morning and finished questing in Flaming Steppes and got a Tiny FlameFly pet

I've now moved on to the Swamp Of Sorrows which presumably will take me up to 60 before being sent off to Outlands. It'll be interesting to see how I'm directed there as so far with the new quests lines you actually get sent to your next place to go which is awsome. I expect an NPC will tell me to meet someone in origammar if the portal is still there or I might even get teleported.

I managed to get on for two hours this morning before work which was cool and I should be on from around 18:30 - 20:30 server time.

Still need to get my Worgen Druid into the Alliance Elders Guild but that'll happen before long.

Not much else to add at the moment, just happy I got the Flamefly pet. Fairly easy to get. You have to collect like 10 of them in this molten rock area that has quite a few Firlings what are quite easy to kill.

... more to follow...

Welcome message & Introduction

Hi everyone & welcome to my Wow Blog!

I am a casual WOW EU player and reside in the UK, more specifically, Leeds, England. I grew up in America and then settled here over ten years ago.

I’ve been playing WOW for a little over a year now and up until early December 2010 been playing on US Zangarmarsh server in The Relentless guild. In my time on that server I’ve had one level 80 Retribution Paladin and a couple of alts though those never really went further than level 50.

As I’m in the UK and it’s difficult and expensive to send of for US Pre-pay Time Cards and Expansions etcetera there comes a time when it’s more and more difficult. Since I’d become addicted to WOW and completely in love with the game I decided, while Cataclysm had come out and pre-cata expansions were going cheap to purchase an EU copy.

I began doing a little bit of hunting around to find the right guild. I’m a casual player and I levelled my first toon up so fast I missed a lot of content and my raid availability is really pretty much non-existent. I’m on when I can be on and play for as long as I can but real life has a habit of interrupting my WOW play so I maybe on anywhere from fifteen minutes to four hours.  At any rate, around the beginning of Deccember I stumbled upon The Elders Guild in my internet searches. It’s an 25 and over RP casual guild and I’m absolutely loving it. The people are awesome, there’s no pressure to get to max level, they have a Horde Guild and an Alliance Guild with RP meet-ups and everything.

After my application was successful the wonderful GM that is Brambline and everyone else welcomed me in. Such a great variety of players and everyone gets on great.

I decided that I needed to create a memorable RP Toon and had recently been thumbing back through some of the ancient Celtic Myths & Legends and I’d remembered about the story of a which called Rhiannon and her son Pryderi. (useful article:  ). In real life I’m called Eric so adding a “c” to the end made the perfect name and at least the framework for an RP back story.

From there I decided that Rhiannon was a persecuted witch exiled in the Dustwallow Marsh and that I had died in the swamp running away from the persecutors. As a result of the Cataclysm event and because my body was fairly preserved in the mud of the marshland my body was transported by some of Rhiannon’s original followers to Undercity where my body was dropped in the city cemetery when the persecutors caught up with them. Not wanting my body which was just left there to stay in the Undercity grounds it was moved to Deathnell where there was grave space. Because I wasn’t buried properly I ended up being resurrected shortly after the Cataclysm event.

That’s kinda the brief history of my character Pryderic who’s and Undead Mage.

When was about to ding 35 back in the middle of January 2011 I decided to start forum posting on The Elders forum some of how my character was progressing. I missed a lot out with my first toon as I rushed through and just did quest after quest after quest never dungeon running or battlegrounds or anything like that so there’s quite a lot I’ve not seen before and with my toons pre-cataclysm  never really getting higher than 30 there’s so much I wasn’t seeing. Now that I’m experiencing all these places and I’m finding my feet in The Elders more and more I’ve found focus for blogging what’s been happening.

I’ll still be posting these in the Elders Forum but thought it would also be great to put it onto a proper blogspot so that others can read my experiences.

Some of these posts ramble on and/or go off on tangents but as my 2nd post on here I will be posting the messages I’ve typed so far, the last entry begin today the 4th of January 2011.

Hope you enjoy it and your comments are always appreciated!

P.S. I am also an avid WOW podcast listener and contributor. I use the name Rigarmorty as this was the Undead Mage I was playing on the Zangarmarsh server before I started only playing on the EU Sha’tar in The Elders. I have also recently been submitting audio entries  which  I’ll link to if they’re particularly creative!

Podcasts I listen to will be listend and linked J.