Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Catching up & FYI Audio Episode 3 has been Amended

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update of what I’ve been up to beyond screenshots and uploading parts of my audio series so here we go…

Audio Series:

The fourth episode (Episode 3) is now up and available for download. The link is the same as before as I've just changed the file version. (see my Audio Series Page) I’ve sorted it so all the links act like direct download instead of taking you to my Google Docs page. It does also work in the RSS links though it will flash your browser up for a second when you click on the link.

I’ve amended Episode 3 now. The original recoding was done last Friday and then the recording was lost. This particular episode was recorded on-the-fly as opposed to bein scripted. The initial recording went smoother but I was eager to get the episode out and just re-recorded trying to remember each of the bits. There’s a lot planned with regards to the storyline and certainly more weird and wonderful things to come but the version I had posted on the 4th of April included a separate part of the story and it sounded more like two episodes rather than just one. In the end I decided to remove that extra minute, rework one or two of the sound effects and conclude the episode with more suspense. Obviously I’m not going to go into great detail into the plans / mapping of the audio series here but with what is happening with Mr Smith the reporter and the Azeroth Environment Agency being sent in you can expect the story to move forward from a few different perspectives while maintaining the storyline. At the end of the day I do these just for the fun of it and plan to have a new episode every couple of weeks so stay tuned! J

Main: Pryderic

I’ve not had a great deal of time to play Wow lately as some assignments were due in for my evening college class prior to half term so that had eaten into my play time. I’m back into playing my main Pryderic the Undead Mage who’s still playing Frost which I’m loving though I need have a re-read through some of the Elitist Jerks spec information so that I’m on the right track. I’ve now got 31 talents in my Frost tree as he dinged level 70 just the other day. On the subject of Glyphs they are still quite expensive on my server but I’ll need to start making some more gold in order  to spec up. I’ve only got one minor slot empty at the moment though I have been saving up for Glyph of Frostbolt and I’m re-thinking some of the other glyphs I’ve chosen to use in the past.

On the same subject of Mage spec, a lot of people have been talking about how much Fire Mage as the more effective spec to go with. I will at some point look at duel spec’ing into Fire but with all the balancing and while I’m still levelling I’ll stick with Frost for the time being as it’ s better that I can cc a mob for a spare second giving me a little more survivability while I can frostbolt and icelance the mob down before it gets to me…
My spec: Pryderic
Golkjin (Troll Shaman)

He’s level 26 at the moment and still a lot of fun to play. If had some more time he would be level 40 by now. I’m loving having him as a miner and skinner which means more selling on the auction house, the copper bars seem to be going for a better price rather than the original ore.

MUST HAVE ADDON: Gatherer  ( ) - I know you think, well, it’s just going to remember where I last mined some stuff or picked herbs or found archaeology artifacts etc. It actually goes beyond that! If any of your fellow guildies has the addon it you will actually send locations of items you find and receive locations of items they find! So while I am only low level and still mining copper, silver, tin etc, I’m getting Obsidian Ore locations from our top level toons. It’s certainly worth having and doesn’t have any affect on play performance as far as I can tell! Get it today!
Playing a shaman is a perfect mixture of ranged and melee DPS which is probably why I find it so much fun and at level 30 you get Call of Elements which instantly drops 4 grouped totems which can be recalled using another hot-key. Really effective quick killers and worth having a go at if you haven’t tried one already.
Erithina (Draenei Shaman)
She’s still level 31 at the moment and hanging out in northern Stranglethorne Vale. I’ve just not had any time to play with her.
Tripellian (Troll Druid)
Lost interest in playing him at the moment but that may be down to lack of Druid knowledge but I’m hanging onto him as he’s my spare herbalist. Still level 7 I think.

Rigarmorty – My original Rigarmorty was an Undead Mage in The Relentless Guild on the US Zangarmarsh server. He’s now guildless as the guild has closed down and since at the moment I’ve not got immediate plans to start playing on US servers I decided that I should create and EU one so I can play him. I created a level 1 Undead Warlock to reserve the name but Matt Diox was suggesting that I give Undead Hunter a go so I’ll be trying that out tonight when I get home but I’ll have to catch up with a hunter guild or two. Maybe I can squeeze out some advise from Ashayo J

Blogging in general:
There have been some really though provoking topics on a number of podcasts that listen to. In particular both The Other Guys Podcast and GirlsGoneWow Podcast (New website link updated on my Podcasts Page) brought up subjects that caused me to think about why I blog an why I play wow and what effect is has on Real Life.
The Other Guys Podcast reminded me this week that I write my blog and do my audio series all just for the fun of it and made me remember this fact. My brain had started to wander thinking well am I known on various podcasts with my contributions and tweeting etc so how come I only have 8 subscribers but remembering that it doesn’t essentially matter. People will either decide to read your blog or follow your tweets because of that notoriety but at the end of the day, if people like your stuff then that’s great but it doesn’t matter if it’s 8 or 8000 it’s still just a drop in the ocean  and these things don’t happen over night. Do your blog etc because you love doing it.
Girls Gone Wow podcast always have some awesome weekly topics this week asks if your Alts know each other! One of the topics that particularly got me thinking was How does Wow affects your real life. The obvious answer is that the mental challenges and puzzles that you play through in the game make you more of a strategic thinker when it comes to dealing with some RL problems that need solutions. Others might say that Wow allows them to distress and escape from reality for awhile in this wonderful and fantastic world. For me it’s a combination of both really. My other half isn’t at all a gamer and in my RL everything is black and white and a real work, eat, sleep cycle without a great deal of creativity or any creative outlet. I am doing an English qualification in the evening but that’s ultimately just to get a better job. Wow while giving me some stress relief and helping me approach problems with more constructive solutions also inspires me to write this blog and produce my audio series and is therefore my constant creative outlet and whether people like them or not is great but not the be all and end all.
See, I do ramble on from time to time.. Lots to say, I’ve just not always got time to write it all out!
Stuff you should check out:
BlogCast: If you’re a fellow blogger you should be checking out Twisted Nether Blogcast !  Hydra does some useful random tips worth checking out! Below are the past few.
Hydras random tips:

TNB EP121: Check your site feed, signup to Feedburner & ensure all of your post content is included in the feed so readers don’t have to visit your page there and then to read the whole post.
  • (This was an awesome tip. Feedburner is free, doesn’t cost anything and if your using then it can install it as an gadget or you can us the HTML coding provided! So instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom of my blog page and clicking the default Atom Link you can just click the subscribe button!)
TNB EP122: Update your About Page!
  • (Wow, yeah I didn’t put much on there initially! I’m going to update it today!)
TNB EP123: Check that you have a Chronological blog archive list somewhere on your blog so readers can find out how long you’ve been blogging and access the older posts!
  • (Thankfully I’ve already got one J)
See their website for more of their stuff and list your blog on !
Check out the Audio Series if you want something else weird and wonderful that I do and catch up some more another day…

P.S. You can now comment on my pages, I hadn't realized it was turned off by default.



  1. Commenting works! congrats ;)

    are your audio segments ones that feature in the various podcasts you submit to or is this something totally different? My Rigamorty knowledge is perhaps not where it should be!

    Your whole piece on Blogging in General is most interesting, ive been asking myself similar questions, why do i post on my blogs, why do i post on twitter, am i looking for noteriety or is there some other purpose?

    After reading your bit and having a think I've come to the conclusion that if i get followers then that cool, but if i never get any followers then thats kind of cool too, i can essentially declare my views and feelings to the world without the world ever really knowing about it, if i tried that on the highstreet or other non online public forum id probably get arrested or booed away.

    Blogs and twitter and the like are outlets for what we want to say. If we ever start tailoring our content towards what we think the public might like then we risk losing the satisfaction of saying exactly what we want to say and replace it with pressure to say the right things.

    Enjoy relative obscurity whilst it lasts, at the rate you're going you'll be getting refferred to as a bonafied part of the WoW podcast/blogging community before you know it and getting all the hassles that come with that (like total strangers like me responding to random comments not directed at me ;)!

    keep it up

  2. Thank you so much for your comment and compliments!

    With regards to my audio segments, I send them to TheAddicteCast podcast who play them every couple of weeks though they get posted on here first. Episode 2 just got played on their Episode 87 which came out yesterday. They had originally started out as attempts to make a Food Segment Bumper for their show when they occasionally mentioned food or recipes.

    I do other audio weekly updates to podcasts like CtrlAltWow also for the fun but those aren't part of the series but might inspire how the story develops. I think I need more practice on doing so many voices but the quality is certainly getting better :)

    You got my point exactly about blogging in general an why we do it. It's great when I manage to hear or get inspired in some way to have an introspective look at what I do and why and it's great if it inspires others too!