Wednesday, 27 April 2016

2016 Update and Interview on Battle Chat Show

Hey all,

So, it's been something like 5 months since my last update. i'm still playing Wow, albeit casually and struggling to get more than 10 or so hours a week in game but enjoying it. Anyway, i thought i'd let you know if some updates and a recent interview i did on a podcast.

Interview on Battle Chat Show:

So, i spotted a tweet from @battlechatshow about wanting guests and grabbed hold of the opportunity since i knew it was UK based and being pre-recorded, time to do it was flexible. i ran a few tests, just making sure all my equiptment still worked and then had my interview with the amazing Sil yesterday for Battle Chat Show Episode 17. Sil was amazing and really easy to chat with. In fact, what i thought might only stretch to a 10-15 minute thing carried on to just over half an hour. i've known of Sil since her Girls Gone Wow days and that my mate @Gravenau had been interviewed on her show before. Needless to say it was a lot of fun and the episode should be posted today. Check it out here: which is also on iTunes and Stitcher.

Blight Night Podcast

On my interview with Sil, i briefly mentioned my podcast Blight Night, which hasn't been active for some time. There are some bands i still want to feature and i would love to start it up again though i'm lacking the spare time at the moment. It's been quite chaotic here with work and other IRL stuff but i'm hopeful to bring it back in some form in the next couple of months. It wouldn't be a weekly thing but perhaps once a month, we'll have to see how it goes. If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free comment. The show is still up on iTunes and Stitcher if you fancy a listen and only with something like 23 episodes, it won't take long to get through.

Azeroth Food Epidemic

So, this series is still around. All the episodes are on my Audio Series Page and you can still subscribe to the RSS in your podcast downloader or manually in iTunes (RSS Feed). i'd like to start working on that final episode at some point in the future but not sure when. It was a little creative product i did and creating it along with the logo was a lot of fun but a waste of bacon.

In game

So, in game i am primarily playing my Forsaken Female Warrior Elvyrra, trying to slowly level her up without boosting or heirlooms. i'm really enjoying leveling her through the zones and looking forward to smashing through Outland in the coming weeks.


So, i am around still, even though i've not been active here much or a great deal on Twitter as of late but if people want show bumpers or something special cooked up, just let me know.

Find me on Twitter @Rigarmorty and get in touch.



Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Man Crates - Horror Survival Crate

Greeting all!

As a bit of a blogger and horror fan and Halloween fast approaching,  I've been invited by Man Crates to post my list of items I deem essential to have in my crate to survive a horror film. Many thanks for this opportunity! Details of what my I'd want to have in my crate are below. Check out their gifts for men page! (The only way to open a Man Crate is with a crowbar so lets hope there's one nearby in my horror film)

There quite a number of things that I think would be essential in my horror movie survival crate. Particularly not knowing what your up against, survival is half of the battle.

My first item is pencil sized steel bar and magnesium stick. Fire is an essential in any survival situation and matches aren’t reliable. Magnesium sparks really well and since it burns at 3000 degrees, a useful element to a makeshift explosive device etc.

Following on from that, my next couple of items would be a spool of steel wire and 2 x 9 volt batteries. You’ve got to be able to protect whatever perimeter you’ve setup and a tripwire is most effective. The batteries are common in portable alarms and the steel wire of course has many other uses.

For my fourth item would be a fireman’s axe. In any horror type situation your going to have to cut through something and it’s a formidable weapon. My only other weapon in this crate would be a slingshot and a small bag of silver buttons. Guns were never effective in any horror film.

For more on the survival side of things, ten US Army MRE’s for food, a canteen for carrying water, a small tarp for concealment and a few bungee cords and rucksack big enough to carry this stuff.

My last items in the crate would be a role of duct tape cause everyone one needs one and a flare gun for either signalling help or shooting down the mouth of the monster.

There were a lot of other items I thought of but your only going to be able to carry so much with you. That fireman’s axe might even be a bit heavy to have strapped to your back.

Thanks again Man Crates for inviting me to write for you for this Halloween event.



Thursday, 22 October 2015

Planning for Halloween and other bits

Greetings all,

I know it's been awhile since I last posted anything. As usual work and other RL commitments took over the spare time I had to record my Blight Night Podcast. I am hoping for more of a chance to do them in the not to distant future but it may not be until the new year.

Halloween is fast approaching and I'll be posting a Halloween/horror related blog post I've been invited to do  in the next few days so watch this space! I'll also be making plans to do the pumpkin carving though I've not decided fully what I'll go with.

Warcraft wise, my play has been sparse and casual and I don't expect I'll be online EU side this weekend but I'm considering playing on the US side again. That account is MOP but since I still use my older laptop, I'll not be doing any high level stuff for awhile anyway but I hope to be back online in the next week or so.

Podcast contributions etc. As of late it's primarily been Ctrl Alt Wow and The Sundering on a more or less weekly basis.

That's it for now. As always, you can catch me on Twitter @Rigarmorty on Anook, on Facebook and by email.


Rigarmorty x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Apologies for a lack of a Blight Night Episode

This is just a quick post to apologize for the lack of a Blight Night Podcast Episode over the last 5 weeks. I had a holiday break and then Easter weekend happened. Since then work and other RL stuff has been very hectic but it is all about to settle down again over the next week or so.

Thanks for your patience,